Valentine gifties for the single set

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Single girls, let us not despair. This Valentine's Day should be about giving a little lovin' to everyone in your life, whether it's your mom, your best friend, your cats, or of course, yourself. In honor of the not-so-favorite-holiday of many, here are some lovey-dovey gift ideas for the most non-romantic of relationships.

Buy one pair of Hanky Pankys for yourself, and one for your best friend. Neither of your lives will ever be the same.

Pablo Neruda's Twenty Love Poems and A Song of Despair are so beautiful, they will break your heart. If you're in a self-loathing sort of mood this V-Day, skip straight to the Song of Despair. Two added bonuses: (1) This edition has the original poem in Spanish and the English translation on the opposite page, so you can practice your Spanish in its most romantic form (I'm sure your cat would let you practice on him). (2) The poems are interspersed with original black-and-white illustrations by Picasso.

Drink tea out of your LOVE mugs while you're reading your Neruda. They only say "LOVE" when you want them to.

What purpose does Valentine's Day serve if not to eat chocolate? My aunt from California sends us See's Chocolates every Valentine's Day. I'd take these over Lindt or Godiva any day. My family and I don't like to look at the identifying lists on the insides of the boxes - it's more fun not to know what kind of chocolate you're about to eat (cue Forrest Gump).

I want to buy this t-shirt for my 3-year-old cousin, Ellie. It's from Milkshop, the first stop for all the trendy little Brooklynites in your life.

Roses are overdone; buy yourself some pink peonies instead. They look beautiful individually, or as a bouquet - why don't you send one to your mom? (photo via we heart it)

Don't forget the pup. You could buy her this I heart you collar - it adds a cute Valentine's touch, and pups need lovin', too. (How badly do you want to take this dog home with you? I love me a bulldog.)

Finally, the best part of Valentine's Day: handmade Valentines. My mom made this for me last year and it hangs on the cork board above my desk (she also made that quilt for me last Valentine's, too, but I'm not suggesting any of you take on that endeavor). There's nothing like getting a Valentine. Tomorrow, it's going to snow all day, and I plan on breaking out the doily.


SogniSorrisi said...

I love Neruda! How adorable is that dog and collar?!

sera said...

you don't have to be single to love the peonies and hanky pankies. lovely!

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