1 Tuesday Tune

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Patty Griffin is one of my all-time favorites, and this song in particular is so beautiful. There is something very timeless about her music, not to mention her voice. P.S. That guitarist on the right totally cracks me up.

5 A Lazy Saturday

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Life has been pretty hectic lately. Today, I'm hiding away from the oppressive heat in my air-conditioned house, hanging with the puppy, picking up old faithful (my guitar), and catching up on all your posts.

Happy weekend.

3 It's my birthday!

Monday, July 11, 2011


After an awesome weekend in the city, I spent my actual birthday perpetually relaxed and perpetually full. It included: the Monday crossword; brunch with my mom and brother (hummus platter, eggplant shakshuka); the perfect mid-day nap; catching up with friends; an afternoon in Starbucks; a cool glass of white wine on the deck; and dinner with my family, à la mom: gazpacho, pasta primavera with vegan pesto and parmesan, and chocolate strawberry shortcake cupcakes that made everyone a believer in vegan baking. Then I curled up in bed and have been alternating between this book and this book for the past two hours. Food, wine, family, naps, good books: I'm going to bed a happy camper on my birthday.

P.S. My parents got me the Canon SX30IS, which I could not be more excited about.

2 Tuesday Tune

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This video represents everything that was awesome about the '70s.


49 starskindle, sangriavegan artichoke diprusty playing croquetkipp

Yesterday was a perfect day for a BBQ, and I had friends in my backyard all day. It wasn't a traditional BBQ, per se: I made an assortment of yummy veg-friendly salads that I think even the carnivores were pretty happy with. (I was able to scrounge up some hot dogs and chicken sausages in the freezer, though, so those who were feeling the Fourth wasn't the same without meat got their fixes.) We played croquet, drank sangria, and took trips out on the paddle boat - a very good day.

(burnt) pine nuts for quinoa saladben, nadialittle friendtamaramy house from the boat, and my favorite tree, everthe end of nadia's gorgeous flag cakebbq yummiestamara and the sunsetreflection

5 I win!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm so excited, because today I won these two dresses from Miss Carolyn Cecilia at The Anchor and The Bird! If you guys haven't visited her blog, you absolutely should; Carolynn commits a selfless deed everyday and blogs about it. How inspiring is that? She's done amazing things like treating a friend to a concert, volunteering at an animal sanctuary, sponsoring a child in India, and - my favorite - giving away her earrings on the spot to an admirer. Yay for good deeds!

Have a happy Fourth of July, everyone! I'm having a barbeque at my house on Monday and plan on cooking yummy vegan food all weekend. What are your plans?