Welcome to the rainy season

Friday, February 19, 2010

I woke up to pouring rain at 6:30 this morning (the time change is still messing with me). I felt like I was in a rain forest. The best thing about the rain is that it cools everything off; before the rains the weather becomes unmanageably humid, but afterward, the sun comes out and there's a perfect little breeze.

The project manager of Maloto drove down to Lilongwe last night and then took Anna and I back to Mzuzu this morning. I wanted to stay awake and see the people and the landscapes, but I ended up dozing for most of the four-hour drive (I'm telling you, this jet lag is no fun). We drove through some towns that were nothing but storefronts with signs falling off and windows boarded up, and people just hanging out in front of them, barefoot. We pulled into one shopping mart to buy water and kids came up to our windows, palms open, "Give me money, please."

I'm now in Mzuzu, kind of settled into my house. Anna gave me the biggest room - so generous, this one (she's also been refusing to allow me to pay for anything) - and I have lots of closet space, a bathroom, a long nightstand with two shelves and of course a bed (with a mosquito net over it).

Unfortunately the internet where I'm living is very slow, and I can only use a desktop, so I need to come to the nearby hotel with wireless internet to blog. Hopefully once I get the lay of the land I will be able to walk here - it's very close.

Tomorrow we are going to Lake Malawi! Which has the largest amount of freshwater species in one body of water IN THE WORLD! And Monday I get to meet the kiddies I'll be working with.

A final note: You should see the amount of weight women here can carry on their heads. I'm talking wide trays of dozens upon dozens of bananas. It's impressive.


Celeste said...

MANDY THIS IS AMAZING. I'm so eager to read more! What is your address??

Little love.

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