Friday, March 19, 2010

Yesterday, Isaac brought his pet monkey, Tom, into class. It is the cutest thing ever. suave.

I love Tom.

Monkey in my class...NBD.

In other news:
-I have a new housemate! Her name is Jill, and she is an educational consultant orginally from the UK. She has spent the past three months with family in New Zealand, but she has been living in Rome and running and international school there for the past twenty years.
-Anna's birthday was last week, and today she brought a cake home that the ladies from Kwithu made her. Best part of my day so far. Also, Anna doesn't like icing much, so I eat all of hers. We make a great pair.
-I'm spending the weekend in Mzuzu and hanging out with some new friends here. Should be fun and chill.
-I'm currently planning my visit to South Africa during my last two weeks here, which are the first two weeks in May. As of now, I'm looking into taking the Baz Bus, which is a hop-of/hop-off backpackers bus. The route I'd take would travel along the southern coast of South Africa, starting in Port Elizabeth, and traveling east to Cape Town. The route is known for its gorgeous beaches, mountains, and the best winelands in the country. Then I'll spend about 4 or 5 days in Cape Town before going home. I can't wait!


JLLAMA said...

Damn, I wish I had a pet monkey, that's awesome!

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