Lost without LOST

Monday, May 24, 2010

I kid you not when I say that I was blubbering like a little baby last night at the end of LOST. I never used to cry at movies and TV but I find that as I'm getting older (okay, "older") I tend to tear up way more easily. By the time I'm my mother's age, I, too, might be crying at Cotton commercials. Last night, though, my family had to make sure I was okay because I was crying so hard. No, I wasn't okay! LOST is over!

All right, actually, what had the waterworks going more than this being the end of one of my favorite TV shows was the way that this series ended. The LOST guys never cease to amaze, so naturally this ending was kickass. And poignant. All the reunions between the long-lost couples made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (especially Juliet and Sawyer because I love any scene that involves Sawyer), but, at the risk of spoiling things (too bad, you should have watched), it wasn't until the end that you understood the poignancy of the reunions: the flashbacks weren't memories of an alternate universe, but of life before death. And so the crux of the episode - of the series? - is that we are all reunited in death. We lose each other and we fail and die but it doesn't matter because everything is okay in the end. It's a gorgeous image, to think of heaven like that - a Unitarian Church where all the most important people in your life are waiting for you. And so I blubbered.

And for some LOST comic relief: This clip is slightly raunchy but ever-so-funny.


Black said...

Oh, sh**eesh. I think everybody saw it but me. Hell, I really have to go back and start from the very beginning. Because I still do feel a little lost in the LOST. Thanks for re-newing my interest! :)

Kerry said...

Oh I blubbered too. It was perfect, absolutely perfect. And I'm not going to lie...a few hours ago when it hit me that it's Tuesday and there's no LOST tonight and I'll never see those old friends again...I blubbered a wee bit more!

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