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Thursday, July 1, 2010

What is summer without shamelessly fun summer reads? I am tearing through Emily Giffin's Something Blue, the sequel to Something Borrowed (which I tore through on the flight to Malawi). The first book is told from the perspective of a "plain Jane" type who, totally out of character, steals her bombshell best friend's fiancée. The sequel is from the bombshell Darcy's point of view - who is now pregnant with her rebound boyfriend's baby. It's cute and fun and perfect for a lazy afternoon on the hammock.

And apparently, there is going to be a movie of Something Borrowed, with the darling Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel (the "plain" one) and Kate Hudson as Darcy. My friend Laura and I are kind of mad about the Kate Hudson choice - Darcy is supposed to be tall and brunette, not short and blonde. Just because Kate Hudson seems to be in every chick flick in the 21st century does not mean she should be in this one! (In case you can't tell, I'm not the hugest KH fan. As far as I'm concerned, her career went downhill after Almost Famous.)


olivia said...

mands..i just got her new one "the heart of the matter," haven't started it yet, but excited to start.

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