Cool Weather Calling

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've had enough of you, summer wardrobe. It's been hot and humid every day since mid-May, when I returned from - lest we forget - sub-Saharan Africa. Sure, rompers were fun, but the impracticalities of wearing a button-down one-piece revealed themselves quickly. The zipper broke on my favorite slate gray shorts, and the high-waisted demin ones, after three summers of wear, are begging for some alone time. Strapless bras have to be worn with every halter or sleeveless top, which I'm never happy about. And let's not neglect the cruel fact that it's been bikini season for three months.

Favorite pieces, from left: 1. Merino Tunic Dress, £125; 2. Merino Roll Sleeve Pullover, £95; 3. Needlecord Tunic, £89; 4. Stretch Skinny Trouser, £99; 5. Riding Boot, £265; 6. Felted Wool Cape Jacket, £195; 7. Jest Heel, £235. Now is about the time that someone needs to begin paying me in pounds.

Sure, it's nice to be tan, but around this time every year, my favorite jeans and softest sweaters are practically screaming to be let out from the back of my closet. Anne's outfit-to-room post on Toast's Early Autumn Collection jump-started my cool weather excitement. Long tunics, skinny pants, riding boots and rolled up sweaters drew my eye. Can you tell I'm having a navy-slate moment this season? (Use of the word "moment" attributed entirely to Rachel Zoe). Now I'm spending far too much time ogling over fall lookbooks and dreaming of cool afternoons in Bordeaux, drinking espresso and armed with a fountain pen and my Moleskine.

Coming soon: more outfits comprised of some of my favorite early fall trends - minimalist, comfortable, and chic.


The City Sage said...

Thank you for the link love! I hear you on the torture of the strapless bra. Ugh!

Nadia said...

I agree wholeheartedly, as you already know! bring on the tights and boots and cardigans!

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