Janvier tranquille

Sunday, January 16, 2011

January is quiet in Bergerac, and apparently my blog is following suit. Last weekend I visited Imogen for a night in Sarlat, which was beautiful as usual. She took me into her church at night... I don't think there's a single church in this country that isn't freaking majestic.

And last night, Ben, Ellie and I went to our first traditional French dinner (I don't know what took us so long). For sixteen euros, I got two glasses of wine, pression de canard (a mélange of all the best bits of duck constructed in one deliciously fatty piece) over salad, salmon and rice in a delectable butter sauce, espresso, and, for no added cost, multiple bites of Ben's fondant au chocolat (shh).

Then we went to our favorite bar's very first open-mic night (our idea... just sayin'). There was a great turnout, and plenty of people performed, including all three of us. Now they're going to have them twice a month. Slowly but surely making this town our own...


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