25 Pictures

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I took this idea from Kate at For Me, For You.

1. Someone I spend a lot of time with

2. A picture of myself

3. A picture of someone in my family

4. A picture of something that makes me happy

5. An old picture of myself

6. A pictue of my sibling

7. A picture I never posted on my blog before

8. A picture of someone I miss

9. A relative of mine

10. A picture of my favorite place

11. A person I can tell everything

12. A picture of my everyday life

13. A picture from a place I love

14. A picture that reminds me of old times

15. A picture of friends from my childhood

16. An unusual picture

17. A picture of my spare time

18. A picture I'm satisfied with

19. A picture of the people closest to me

20. A person who's always there for me

21. A picture from a time in life I miss

22. A picture from last summer

23. Someone I'm always having fun with

24. A picture I always laugh about

25. The latest picture of myself


marissa said...

ohhhh!!!! i'm in here!!!! yeyyyyyy!!!

picture i was most touched by: #11 (obvi)
picture that made me crack up: #16
pictures that made me homesick: #21, #24

:) :) :) :)

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