Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Easter last year, Sophie, Will, Bex and I were hiking along the shore of Lake Malawi. After having run out of food and water, we paid villagers to row us to our hostel. We spent two hours cold and wet in a dug-out canoe, looking up at the bright stars of the Southern Hemisphere, while I thought about my family around the table, drinking dry white wine and eating Easter ham.

Now, in France, we have a picnic planned by the river and drinks as the sun sets. I'll dry my laundry on the clothesline and I'll run to Monbazillac. And still, I will miss going to church with my mom, eating her homemade carrot cake and watching my little cousin embark on an Easter egg hunt in my aunt and uncle's backyard. Those of you who are with family: relish it. I'll count down the days to being with mine, while I relish the last days with the family I've made here.

photo via the daily bunny


Also, it pains me to post this. Day 12: A Song By a Band You Hate.

So, let's watch this to feel better.


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