The calm before the storm

Sunday, August 28, 2011


This Friday night was "the calm before the storm" in many ways for my family: the last night before Sam went back to college; my last weekend before moving to New York and starting a new job; and, quite literally, the night before Hurricane Irene hit. So how did we celebrate it? With lobsters and champagne, of course! (Make that just champagne for me...) I also used the sunny, pre-apocolyptic skies to take pictures of my mom's pretty garden and all the greenery I'll be saying good-bye to.



Shawndra Russell said...

What is your new job? Will you still be writing for Destination Guides? I think the website is really cool and has lots of potential. I saw your guest post on writing and righting and it led me to your blog and your Dguides pieces. Great work and good luck in New York and with the new job! Congrats!

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