Mini black and white cookies

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I finished my book the other night. I rarely cry at movies and books, but this one had me going - the ending is so beautifully written. It's a gorgeous novel and I highly recommend it.

Since my brother is going back to college tomorrow, and I won't see him before I leave for Africa, I did what I always do on any type of special occasion: I baked cookies. I baked Martha Stewart's mini black and white cookies, which can be found in the Bible. The batter and icing were both simple to make and the baking time was only 10 minutes. The book recommended I roll the dough into tablespoon-sized balls, but they turned out as pretty average-sized cookies - I would have liked them mini-er. These cookies were yummy, but weak compared to the rest of the ones I've made from Martha's book, which have been consistently amazing. Still, I liked the cakey consistency of these and the hint of lemon in the icing; plus, black and white cookies are my brother's favorite, and he loved these - I'll be sending the rest back to school with him.

I love the idea of black and white cookies, and the New York tradition behind them - don't you?


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