The Hump Day Nine

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm starting a segment on my blog called The Hump Day Nine. Each Wednesday I'll feature a guest blogger to share their nine things with the rest of you - a fun little distraction to get us all over the hump of the workweek. Today we'll just feature me as a little example round. Email me if you'd like to be a guest blogger on the Hump Day Nine!

9 Blogs you frequent
     9. The Debonaire
     8. Abbey Goes Design Scouting
     7. Reading My Tea Leaves
     6. Made By Girl
     5. Night Falls and Towns Become Circuit Boards

4. Cupcakes and Cashmere

     3. 100 Layer Cake
     2. A Cup of Jo
     1. The City Sage

8 Places you’d hop on a plane and visit right now
     8. Lisbon, Portugal
     7. Bangkok, Thailand

6. The Greek Isles

     5. Sydney, Australia
     4. Any beach off the coast of Spain
     3. Capetown, South Africa
     2. Aix-en-Provence, France
     1. Mzuzu, Malawi (and I am, in two weeks!)

7 Irreplaceable items in your closet
     7. Old boyfriend's super soft t-shirts
     6. Black suede pumps
     5. Gap boyfriend sweaters

4. Gap boyfriend oxfords

     3. Sorority sweatpants
     2. Hanky pankys
     1. Brown leather riding boots

6 Foods you can’t live without
     6. Coffee (it counts)
     5. Kashi cereal
     4. Dark chocolate
     3. Hummus
     2. Apples
     1. Peanut butter

5 Celebrity dream dates
     5. Peter Sarsgaard
     4. Zac Efron (for realsies)
     3. Jake Gyllenhaal
     2. Jim Sturgess
1. James McAvoy

4 Things you do everyday
     4. Exercise, or consider it
     3. Write
     2. Check my email
     1. Drink coffee

3 Desert island items
     3. Cell phone (with universal service and limitless battery power)
     2. Pen (with limitless ink)
     1. Journal

2 Books you love
     2. Love Story by Erich Segal
     1. The Hours by Michael Cunningham

1 Quote to Live By
     1."Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around"
     -Vanilla Sky

images via: 1. cupcakes and cashmere 2. we heart it 3. retail therapist 4. inner joe joe


Deb Oh said...

Thanks for the link love! Aix-en-Provence is definitely on my list of places I'd go back to RIGHT THIS MINUUUUTE.

Mandy said...

yess I studied abroad there!! it's the most magical place I've ever been.

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