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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm planning to watch as much LOST as I can before I have to pull myself from the TV set and go work with orphans in Africa. This is an inevitably terrible and torturous plan. This show is my crack, as it is for most other viewers. My theory? Biblical, mostly: Jack is Jesus, John is Judas, Jacob is a God-like figure who controlled who got on the plane. His enemy, the nameless weird shape-shifter guy, is the devil, or Satan, or something along those lines. But who knows? Everyone has their theory, and I hope some of you watch LOST so you know what I'm talking about.

In case you do watch it, this is a great article about last night's episode. I agree that the episode indulged both types of LOST watchers: the people who love the mystery and sci-fi and crazy antics of the show, with the time-space continuum madness and the endless theories, dying to see how it all turns out. Then it appealed to those more like myself, those who watch for the weirdly complex characters, their odd developments and their mystifying but totally human relationships with one another. So, I loved the portion of the episode that followed the characters had the crash never happened. It's like starting all over back at Season 1, which all we LOST-crackheads know will never quite be matched.

I'm also a member of the third group of viewers: those who watch for the pretty people.


JLLAMA said...

hmm... "John" in non LAX timeline, is the same as "Jacob's nemisis," also the smoke monster. It's possible that Jacob is actually biblical Jacob and his nemesis is his brother Esau.

John as Judas I'm not sure I follow... he hasn't betrayed anyone yet as far as I can tell.

Did you notice the Christ-like sybolism when they are taking Sayid into, and out of the water? The way he has his arms out makes him look like Jesus... then he's resurrected.

However, it's also quite likely that Jacob has inhabited his body. Also in the Lost promo poster they have the losties posing in similar positions to the Last Supper, and Sayid is in Judas's seat. So basically Sayid is either Jacob, Jesus or Judas...

Ok I'm rambling just love theorizing about Lost.

SogniSorrisi said...

*sigh* Sawyer.

I thought the premiere was great. I would have to think through the Biblical connotations a bit more, I'm not even 100% convinced that Jacobs is totally "good"...

If you're interested I posted some of my thoughts here:

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