Interior decoration

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My room was pretty stark when I got here, and I had some fun the other night going through my pictures and cutting out images from magazines. Now it feels a little bit more like home.

Hugo, and the mosquito net I should be using

Above my bed (clockwise from the top): my great grandmother, words to live by, some of my dad's family a while back, my mom and little cousin

Night stand / desk / bookcase / throw-all table-top

Above night stand, from top: Hermes ad and words cut from a magazine, my little cousins, my brother and me when we were little, my family and me on Sanibel Island, Florida, Laura, me and Celeste on my last birthday, personal stationary, a favorite poem, "Trapeze"

I forgot to upload a close-up of the pictures on the far-left, but there is a picture of me and Kelsey, of Marissa, Alison, and me, and some other magazine collages

Clockwise from left: My parents after my mom's first Avon Walk, one of my favorite poems, "Drought" (where I got the title of this blog), handmade Kenyan card, best friends from school in West Hartford

Clockwise from left: My love Amanda Seyfried, me and Laura in Montreal, silly sayings from a friend at camp, me, Brittany and Jess in Boston, handmade Kenyan card


Celeste said...

I made the wall! Your accommodations look so nice BIG!

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