Teaching - first impressions

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I began my teaching yesterday. The kids are amazing. Kwithu consists of over one hundred kids from Mzuzu, and I spent time with about 40 of them today, aged 4-16. They all happily played Duck Duck Goose and learned the hokey pokey, and taught me some of their own games and songs. Every one of them is so eager to improve their English and they're just fun and love to laugh and dance and sing. To see kids acting like kids, even not jaded into their teens - it's refreshing.

On a regular basis, I'll be working with a small group of older kids, around ages 12-14, and helping them prepare for their high school entrance exams. Yesterday I met with five of them. The little kids are really cute but I'm happy to be working with the older ones and teaching at a more advanced level. We will get to do a good amount of essay-writing practice and some creative writing. I adore my little group and already feel myself getting sad that I will only be with them for three months. There is a trio of boys - Isaac, Bakeem and Walani - who make me laugh to no end. They are all so curious and ask the most interesting questions. For instance: "Is it hard to get a job after graduating from college?" "What is the marrying age?" "What about gays and lesbians?" (What about them?) How do you begin answering any of these? Walani asked today, "are there beautiful places in the United States that tourists like to visit?" He's so cute.

Faith, who I want to bring back to the U.S. with me

Anna and I harvesting beans

A traditional Malawian lunch: hard-boiled egg, pumpkin leaves, tomato sauce, and nsema, a corn porridge. You eat with your hands.

The Kwithu farm

Isaac, resident charmer and class clown

Walani, Bakeem, and Charity

I've started blogging at the Maloto Blog as well - check it out. And a reminder that all my pictures are up in my Picasa album.


JLLAMA said...

Just read the last few posts, very cool stuff Mandy, keep it up!

Celeste said...

Yes, please! Bring home Faith! So cute! I love reading about what you're doing! Keep blogging! I miss you!

Fran said...

Hi Mandy,
It took me a while to find the new posts. I kept looking at Feb 18th. The pictures are great. It sounds as if you are settling in.Looking forward to the new posts Love Aunt Fran

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