Oscar Nominations

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Does anyone else think it's absurd that ten movies are nominated for the Academy Awards' Best Picture? Five seems to suffice just fine - this surplus of nominees takes away from the prestige of the award.

Anyway, here they are. I've seen a good amount of the movies, which is a nice improvement from this time last year, when I never went to the movies. Mo'nique will win Best Supporting Actress, but I'm happy that both Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga from Up in the Air were nominated for it, too. I loved that movie and they were both amazing! I love when Anna Kendrick's character says to Vera Farmiga's, "You're so pretty. You're exactly what I want to look like in fifteen years." I totally agree.

Also, I saw Crazy Heart earlier this week - again, bittersweet, but beautifully done. Maggie gets me every time, and Colin Farrell as a country star? Genius! I was so impressed by Jeff Bridges' voice - the music was amazing.

(I have to say, I never had a crush on Colin Farrell until this movie.)


Andy said...

I feel the same. I just think the standards have been set low this year. i love sandra bullock and i enjoyed the blind side, but it's definitely not in the best picture level. and ten nominees is too much, it's like 'just throw in whatever people liked in there'

Oh well. I did like colin farell here too.


Deb Oh said...

I don't really mind the fact that they expanded it to 10 films, but I think the extra 5 slots could have been filled differently. I think Crazy Heart is the only film I have yet to see--really looking forward to it!

Mandy said...

Andy - I totally agree about The Blind Side. Good movie, but not Best Picture material. Deb - yeah, I think it's pretty clear which five movies are not up to par with the other five. You will love Crazy Heart!

SogniSorrisi said...

I haven't seen Crazy Heart. I did enjoy Up In The Air, but I love George Clooney so I'm pretty biased.

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