Accompanying words to yesterday's pictures; The Mzuzu Market

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So in case you couldn't tell from my pictures, I spent the weekend in Nkhata Bay, which ended up being more like an hour and a half trip with all the mud (instead of the 35 minutes I was expecting). My minibus could not get through the mud either way, but the drivers were extremely creative about getting around it (on the way back, he drove around someone's house and through corn fields while we waited on the side of the road). It was a wonderful, energizing (despite my tiredness last night), but too-short weekend. I met a handful of fun people from all over the world and it felt good to know that I'm not the only person traveling alone in Africa (in fact, very few people seemed to know each other beforehand - maybe being such foreigners on this continent makes us all the more friendly to one another).

On Sunday morning it rained, but we all stayed inside playing cards and reading guidebooks. When the sun came out I didn't want to leave. I think I might go back this weekend. As I said, Mayoka Village was gorgeous, and more than affordable for a weekend away. It will begin to be cooler in about a month so I'm going to try to take advantage of warm weather while I can (that is, if it doesn't rain again...I wonder if the site for Malawi is accurate...).

On the way to the minibus I found an awesome dress at the second-hand market for less than two dollars. I will post a picture soon!

Second-hand market in Nkhata Bay

Also, I wandered the market for the first time on Saturday with a girl I met at Mzoozoozoo (Sophie, a British VSO). I'm obsessed now and have taken walks to town the past two days, wandering through the market and buying all sorts of exotic fruits and vegetables.

P.S. My teaching materials have finally arrived. YAY.


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