Safari at Liwonde National Park

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Internet is too slow to put them all up - but this is a start!

The Shire River, on which Mvuu Camp was located (Mvuu means "hippo" in Chichewa)

And here they are!

Me and Lisa's cottage, and a new friend

Will have to do these in stages. You can see a couple more on my Picasa Web Album.

It's hard to believe that my time here is winding down. I just have about two weeks of teaching left. This weekend I'm going to the lake for the last time, to a place I haven't been yet, called Kande Beach. It's supposed to be beautiful and I plan on splurging a little bit to go horseback riding on the beach. A few of the Peace Corps volunteers who had birthdays close together in April organized this trip so a ton of people I know will be there. I'm driving down on Friday with Sophie, Bex and Will in Bex and Will's new car - yay for no more minibus!

I feel very torn about leaving - both excited to be home and sad to leave the kids when I know there's so much work that can still be done. Anyway, just trying to enjoy this time as best I can and try not to think too much about how much I'll miss it!


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