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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello hello. It rained for seven days straight in Mzuzu, and since all electrical wiring is above-ground, this caused the Internet and the phone lines to completely suck all week. Then I went to Kande Beach for four glorious days. Some more pictures from Liwonde now.

Impala, which are nothing more than over-bred grass-eaters in Malawi

Waterbuck...note the bulls-eyes on their butts

Cute lil baboon

Cool tree

Apparently it's bad luck to see an owl during the day in Africa, but this one was really rare so the guide told us it was good luck for us. Later, our Jeep got stuck in a ditch.


A "vegetarian sausage" tree. Apparently they don't taste anything like real sausages.

The prettiest sky I've ever seen

We stopped to watch the sunset...

...and then we got stuck.

But at least we had wine!

From left: Millie, Me, Phlyp, Anna, Gina, and Lisa

More soon...and more in my Picasa album.

Happy Cinco de Maio, by the way. I wish I could celebrate with a big Mexican feast, but without cheese or tequila, what's the point?


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