The kids

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I took portraits of a few of students for the Mzuzu Academy website. I thought I'd post some here, since I haven't talked too much about them individually.

This is Emma, who draws pictures for me and likes to impersonate my American accent when she thinks I'm not listening.

Backeem, who prefers to be called "Beckham," and is the self-proclaimed best soccer player in Luwinga

Isaac is, like I've said, the resident charmer. Everyone who visits Kwithu and M.A. always remembers (and loves) Isaac.

Lusubiro. I have so much admiration for this girl. She's been through some unbelievably difficult times, and is this incredibly bright, resilient, courageous person.

Costance is quiet in class but I always saw her eyes working, searching out the answers, raising her hand tentatively when she thinks she's beginning to get it. Her compositions were always sweet and thoughtful.

Chimwemwe, another extremely bright girl. Her English is practically fluent.

Walani never got less than an A, on anything. He showed me his notebook once, filled entirely with words and their definitions that he copied - alphabetically - from the English dictionary.

Charity is so smart, and tough, and has been through so much, and has the best laugh.


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