Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Yesterday was a perfect day for a BBQ, and I had friends in my backyard all day. It wasn't a traditional BBQ, per se: I made an assortment of yummy veg-friendly salads that I think even the carnivores were pretty happy with. (I was able to scrounge up some hot dogs and chicken sausages in the freezer, though, so those who were feeling the Fourth wasn't the same without meat got their fixes.) We played croquet, drank sangria, and took trips out on the paddle boat - a very good day.

(burnt) pine nuts for quinoa saladben, nadialittle friendtamaramy house from the boat, and my favorite tree, everthe end of nadia's gorgeous flag cakebbq yummiestamara and the sunsetreflection


Ana Degenaar said...

It looks perfect to me!

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